Weighing Scales
Category: Industry News    Release time: 2020-11-06

Weighing scales is a necessary instrument and play a very important part in people’s lives and industrial production, almost everywhere and everyone needs the weighing scale. Over the years, our weighing industry is dominated by the mechanical scales. Until in the 1980s, with our country’s developing, our weighing industry is developing rapidly, weighing products are changed a lot, the digital scales are more and more useful in every where. Now we can design and produce digital scales with sensitivity, accuracy, precision independently.

With the development of international economics, nowadays the international communications are getting closer and closer. People have the strong desire to pursuit the high-quality life, so the demand of compact and precision scales in different fields are becoming widely. According to situation of international digital scales market, the digital scales with high precision and quality should have a good prospect in the future.

Our digital scales have got a high evaluation in international market. The reason belongs to below points. First, with twenty years exploration and development, we have founded professional research and design department, what’s more, we are constantly striving to improve existing products and develop new products, which make sure our products have good quality and fashionable appearance. Second, with advanced production lines and more than 300 well-trained staff, we are able to meet satisfy customer’s needs effectively. Third, we can offer more than 100 different digital scales to meet consumer’s needs, such as luggage scales, jewellery scales, pocket scales, kitchen scales, postal scales industrial scales and so on. Fourth, with complete and effective quality management, we have got ISO 9001:2008 quality system management certification. Fashionable and classic appearance, variety’s products, advanced production lines and well-trained staff and complete quality system make our products get high approval, especially in America, Europe, Middle East and South-East Asian.



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